Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phoenixville Invitational Results

Here are results of the Phoenixville Invitational this past Friday:

West Chester Henderson took 1st place
North Penn took 2nd
Villa Maria  took 3rd
Phoenixville took 4th
Seven of our girls received trophies
Congratulations to: 
Stacy Chang -- took 1st place overall
Also 2nd places to:
Indira Mukerji & Caroline Hentzen
Corina Davis & Christye Hasyn
Swetha Nuthulanganti & Anila Gidwani

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Excuses, Excuses

As a tennis coach, I've heard them all.

Here are the top 13 excuses tennis players give for losing:

·        Ate too much lunch
·        Did not eat enough
·        Favorite racquet broke
·        Balls too heavy
·        Net was too high
·        These strings just don’t give me the power I need
·        How can I be expected to play my best on these courts
·        This injury keeps me from playing well
·        I just couldn’t get into it today
·        Opponent was ranked
·        Opponent didn’t play tennis, just hit the ball back
·        Opponent was so bad I couldn’t play my game
·        I didn’t realize opponent was left-handed until the next-to-the-last-game
·        Tournament director didn’t seed me
·        I can only play good players
·        I don’t know what happened

When the athlete decides what he really desires with all his heart and the price that he is willing to pay for it, he stops worrying about the small pains, those things that the opponent does, and any other stumbling blocks, and he focuses on the job at hand.
Give all in practice: Risk all when you compete

Friday, August 13, 2010

Teen Tournament

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ~ Anthony Robbins.

The 12th Annual Upper Gwynedd Open Teen Tennis Tournament became more than just about tennis and competing, it became about giving back and helping others. In a chance to showcase the skills they have been developing since the beginning of camp in June, the 32 teens that participated in the tournament not only rallied to win, but rallied for a cause. In an unprecedented move, the teens that participated in the tournament decided to play for food donations for the local food kitchen, “Mana on Main.

The ceremony opened with the Allegiance and GlennAnne Rorie, the Parks and Recreation Director speaking to the players offering words of encouragement. The parents worked as line judges. The younger students worked as ball people. And there was lots of food and prizes to be given away. The air was filled with competition on the courts, friendly conversations off the courts, and the teens occupying themselves with a game of “wall ball” in the backboard court until it was their turn to play.

After the tournament, an award ceremony was held for each level of play. Trophies, medal and flowers adorned the table dressed in a flag tablecloth. Parents and friends gathered and cheered for each of the players.

The food donation was taken to Manna on Main with a paper with all the participating player’s names on it.

The winners are:

1st Chris Mullen

2nd Same Curlee

3rd Corina Davis

4th Seth Laws

Level 1

1st Matt Oldt & Danielle Davis

2nd Matt Bouknight & Chrstye Hasyn

3rd Amanda Torhus & Isabelle Torhus
Level 2

1st Anthony Simon & Johnathan Capp

2nd Andrew Simon & Karen Burlingame

3rd Steve Gerhart & Sandeep Siddapureddy

4th Anthony Cubbage & Rowena Rajan

Level 3

1st Abi Natesh & Gisselle Horrell

2nd Corson Chao & Marc Curlee

3rd Micaela Cubit & Ben Curlee

4th Anju Natesh & Kausthubha Yaratha

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fall Tennis Registration is here!

 Just because the summer is almost over, don't let your fun with Tennis end too!

Starting October 5th, the fun continues at Upper Gwynedd with our Fall Tennis Programs.

The classes run Tuesday and Thursday with Kids from 5pm-6:30pm and Adults and Teens from 6:30pm-8pm.

Register now at the Upper Gwynedd Township Office.

For more information, click here. or email me at

Just a reminder!

There is no pre-seasoning conditioning for North Penn High School Girl's Tennis this week.

See you Monday for the start of try-outs and the season.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teens Rally For A Cause

On Friday, August 13th at 9:30am the Upper Gwynedd Tennis Camp with be holding The Upper Gwynedd Open Teen Tennis Tournament. This just isn't any old tennis tournament. It will also be a fund raiser for Mana on Main, a soup kitchen and cupboard helping those in the community in need. You don't have to be playing in the tennis tournament to help, if you read this blog, feel free to bring some canned and boxed goods over to the tennis courts and catch a glimpse of the teens in action.

Not able to make the tournament but still want to donate?

You can drop off your canned and boxed goods at the tennis courts Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 7:30am to 11:30am or Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm to 8:00pm.

Donations of all sizes will be appreciated.

Anything will help, but the following donations are especially appreciated:

- Cereal
- 100% Juice
- Salad Dressings
- Pasta Sauce
- Peanut Butter/Jelly
- Canned Fruit
- Canned Beans
- Milk
- Fresh Produce
- Baby Diapers

For more information on Mana on Main, click here.