Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Men's Singles Times for Sunday Championship Round

The Men's Singles Times for Sunday Championship Round:-)
16Troy ClemmerPlays17Amit Deshmuskh
15Anthony CubbagePlays18Dinh Vo
14Al-Yassa Al-MahiPlays19Dhruva Sharma
13Steve WherryPlays20Matt Oldt
10Dan TsaiPlays23Abhijit Apte
900:00 AM
12Nishant DeshmuskhPlays21Justin Boos
11Thinh  HuynhPlays22Jeremy Boos
9David FlynnPlays24Kenyatta Johnson
8Clay Heckler
7Sean Permar
6Leng Lor
4Max Heckler
3Mike Buxbaum
2Ronnie Dargan
1Alex Buxbaum

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NP Girls Tennis

Varsity Girls   (  and JV girls  you are welcome in the practice)
Monday 9/5 ---          -practice 9-10:30am  
Tuesday 9/6 -            Match at Pennridge   bus leaves at 1:45  Varsity away,     JV at home
Wednesday   9/7 -     Varsity at home with CB West     JV away
Thursday  9/8  -        Practice     3:00 pm Mrs. Seeders will talk about  "code of conduct"
Friday      9/9    -       Varsity at home Council Rock South    JV away
Saturday 9/10  -         Practice  9-12
If it should rain on any of the above days except Saturday--- we will have practice... you must be at practice
Mrs. Strader